SEABEAR Tactical T1


T1 Tactical - Governmental organizations only

The Tactical T1 is based on the T1 but offers additional features and greater connectivity.


Wireless Interface
An infrared wireless interface allows read out of SUEX diver propulsion vehicles (patent pending). The display shows remaining runtime, battery capacity and range as well as distance and speed.
Tactical T1 DPV



Navigation Tablet
The T1 can be purchased together with a navigation tablet. The High Density Polyethylene tablet withstands harshest conditions and is in salt water neutrally buoyant.
Tactical T1 navigation tablet


A high sensitivity GPS receiver is housed in a small floating buoy. The buoy can be stored either under the navigation tabled or on a support on a diver propulsion vehicle. A thin Kevlar reinforced cable connects the buoy and the dive computer.
Tactical T1 GPS



Waypoint files
Download *.gpx files from FUGAWI or other mission planning software to your T1. Select a waypoint in the navigation menu. The T1 will display heading and remaining distance.
Tactical T1 gpx support



The T1 Tactical features a precise altimeter that works up to 8000m altitude. A special dive mode in combination with the altimeter also enables high altitude diving with correct depth readings without the need of zeroing the depth gauge prior to the immersion.
Tactical T1 altimeter









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